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It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped me in my career. Thank you so much Data binaries for all that you've done -Thanks for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness.I appreciate and treasure everything you have taught me.
Sohel Khan
Placed- AndorTech
Thank you, Indeed, Aasem Sir's Technique and Ways will land the hardworking aspirant at right destination with deserving package.
Mudassir Shaikh
Placed- Nice Software Solutions
Thanks to Everyone specially thanks to Aasim sir Sir for perfect guidance and help as well as thanks to Dinesh, Dhananjay, Bhushan and Shaffi Sir.
Rahul Jadhav
Placed- Atos(current),Future Focus
Within a short period of time, you've taught me things that would have taken me years to learn. Thank you for mentoring me and allowing me to benefit from your many years of experience, also thank you for hearing me out at odd hours and helping me out in every possible way.
Shakir Pathan
Placed- Atos,Tata Business Hub
Thanks to Aasim sir for advising and guiding me. We are lucky enough to have him as our Mentor
Shivparth Jain
Placed- Clover Infotech
I would like to thank Aasem sir for supporting me a lot at each and every step help me to take right decisions....thank you so much sir.
Shaikh Muzaffar
Placed- Wipro(current) Firminiq, TCS
Thank you so much for your wonderful messages.. this achievement is impossible without aasem sir. We all are so lucky to have a man like aasem sir
Moiz Khan
Placed- Tanla
Thank you everyone for warm wishes, it was nice to receive such a messages from you guys. And i would like to thanks AASEM QUAZI He supported me on every single movement, from my 1st day of Demo lecture to till now And he pulled me up from zero to hero, he always encourage me on a single stage of my journey, I know how much time and effort he speeded for us, He did work hard, that's why we have such a great platform in Aurangabad.
Shoeb Shaikh
Placed- Capegemini
Thank a lot all of you and Special Thanks to Aasem sir for always supporting and encouraging us…
Kailash Shinde
Placed- IBM(current), TCS
Thanks to Aasem Sir for helping me at every stage of my career, because of your guidance I was able to achieve this
Shaikh Faraz
Placed- Vodafone
Thanks to god for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to Aasim Sir for his support. Thanks you all data binaries Team.
Imran Ahmed
Placed- Cognizant(current), Wissen Infotech
Thank you so much to all my friends, and special Thanks to Aseem sir for always encouraging and supporting me. Without you're guidance it wouldn't have been possible to achieve this.
Shubhangi Waghmare
Placed- PhData
Thanks to god for this success Thanks to god that he blessed me with such kind heart Teacher+Guide+elder brother Aasem Sir God Grant happy, healthy & successful life to Him. And Thanks to all of you my friends for your support & all wishes My own Two line for Aasem sir Milte hai aise ustad qismato se jo Hamesha hath pakad kar Sahi raah par chalate hai Wo hote hai khuda ke Khas bande jo har kisi ko kamiyabi ki raah par chalate hai
Shadaab Sayyed
Placed- Infosys
Special Thanks to Aasem Sir for guidance. Thanks to Mateen Khan, Kartiken and every member who has contributed.
Adnan Durrani
Placed- Prokarma
Thanks a ton to everyone who have cogratulated me here.. I specially would like to thanks Mr Aasem Sir who has shown faith in me .. Aasem Quazi sir was my inspiration all along this journey .. I really got a lot motivation n guidance from him .. May God grant u success @ life's every aspect ... Thanks to all n wishing same for u all ...
Saad Al-Mohammadi
Placed- CloudVertex
Special Thanks to Aasim Sir for guidance and support
Shaikh Azeem
Placed- JKTTechnoSoft
All praise to Almighty God Special Thanks to Aasim Sir for guidance and constant support
Kamran Hashmi
Placed- Reliance
Thank you Data binaries for inspiring me to achieve this position and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Without your constant support Sir, this wouldn't have been possible.
Abdul Mohi
Placed- Translab,Accenture
Thanks to everyone I was like a raw metal But as we know that even a raw metal can take shape after putting into fire and that fire was Aseem Sir. And final polishing was done by Khaled Sir, whatever now I've achieve is just because of them.Thank you so much always keep your blessing
Tejas Sarosiya
Placed- Infosys,Capgemini
Thank you all! Special thanks to Aasim sir for guiding me through this journey. It would not have been possible without your support.
Vaibhavi Bairagi
Placed- Coforge
Thank you so much sir for your support and valuable guidance
Kishor Badadae
Placed- NEC, Altezza
Heartiest thank you soo much to Asem sir for supporting me in every situation and showing the right path in every moment Also for my wonderful brothers who have supported in every situation and giving me help every time when I needed. May our darta binaries tree will grow bigger & bigger. Thanks everyone
Furqan Sayed
Placed- Dareen International, Qatar
Data binaries Being under your supervision has been an amazing experience. Thank you for your mentorship!..Thanks all of you .
Anurag Jadhav
Placed- Zaloni
Thank you everyone..!! Thank you Aasem sir, it wouldn't have been possible without your guidance and constant support
Prasad Takalkar
Placed- IBM
Thanks a lot Data binaries for being so humble, kind & passionate when finding opportunities for us and giving us all your valuable guidance to help us improve our skills.
Shahbaz Naveed
Placed- Accenture
Thank you to all for wishing me n thank you to those people who conduct my mock n perfect me day by day n spl thanks to that person who is always support me and encourage me, without him...this is never happened.thank you so much.
Amit Chavan
Placed- Sattrix(current), Cyberlinks
Thanks to god that he gifted me and blessed me with success without his will i couldn't achieve it. Thank you Aasim Sir for supporting me a lot Thank you all.
Monika Waykar
Placed- Vodafone(current), PhData, Mindtree
Thanks everyone for warm wishes, it was nice to receive such a great messages from you guys. And i would like to thank's each and everyone who support me throughout the process directly or indirectly.And specially to Aasim sir, My respect and admiration for you as a teacher cannot be expressed in words. It would be impossible to count all the ways that you have helped me. You are not only a teacher, you are friend, boss,guide, you are one could look for in good mentor. Not only have you been a Fantastic mentor to me, but you have taught me how to mentor to other peoples.You groomed us to be sound professionals. I will always be greatful for your support and kindness.
Shaikh Mohd Shoeb
Placed- NetConnect
Special Thanks to Aasem Sir jii for guidance, it wouldn't have been possible without your guidance and constant support Thank you everyone..!!
Abdul Shaker
Placed- Clairvoiyant
I am very thankful to Aasem sir, who motivated and supported me in every difficult situation. Thanks for All the cloudlytics family.
Aadil Aman
Placed- Bitwise
Thanks a ton all of you people and most importantly Asim sir
Shadab Shaikh
Placed- Saksoft (Current), Cituis Tech, PWC
Special Thanks Aasem Sir Interview panel This is possible only with your guidance.
Kiran Kale
Placed- Vodafone, Luxsoft
A Thanks from bottom of my heart to an exemplary and visionary mentor Aasem Sir, a great leader who has dedicated himself for us. The knowledge you have imparted upon me has been a great asset throughout my career. I appreciate and treasure everything you have taught. Thanks to all.
Saket Siddiqui
Placed- Cloudenablers Technologies
Specially thanks to Aasem Sir for his great support and guidance.
Nadeem Raza Ansari
Placed- NetConnect

Career Leap Seminar

Hear What People Have Achieved with Our Seminar

It was smoothly delivered and easy to understand. Thank you , I am very much with hope to build career with big data by your support
Misam Abidi
This is good experience for me to attend this seminar and thank you Aasem sir to give me the time to explain this all big data course and about over career
Shaikh Azeem
The seminar I attended was remarkably transparent, and I express my gratitude to Sir ji for delivering such an insightful and open session.
Pavankumar Pophale
Honestly speaking, In the two and half hours sessions, Sir had explained each and everything things very precisely and he had answered each and every questions which I had in my mind during session and it gives me a clarity regarding this course.
Shivam Kumar Soni
New Learnings, Got to know about the power of data in today's market, Thanks
Ayaan Mohammed
The experience was positive, and I am filled with enthusiasm as I look forward to progressing further with this.
Sana Fatima

Workshop Feedback

Hear What People Have Learned with Our Workshops

Thank you so much for planning and organizing highly informative workshop. Content was well organized. I appreciate the valuable insights and clear guidance, well demonstrated deep knowledge of LinkedIn and resume writing, practical tips and strategies. The workshop touched the importance of building a strong network and engaging with connections and utilizing LinkedIn as a platform for professional growth and helped me understand how to optimize specific sections of my profile. Overall this workshop contributed to a positive learning experience. All the best for the future workshops….
Naseema Kauser
Thank you so much Aasem sir . I just wanted to let you know this was extremely helpful. A big thank you for making things clearer and for all your wonderful tips! Feels like getting through my course will be a lot calmer now, once I put things into practice
Faizan Ansari
The LinkedIn and resume building workshop by aseem sir was incredibly informative and beneficial. The workshop provided valuable insights and practical tips on optimizing LinkedIn profiles and crafting impressive resumes. It equipped participants with the necessary skills to showcase their professional achievements effectively and enhance their online presence. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their networking and job search strategies
shaikh mohd junaid
Excited to share my experience attending the recent resume Session organized by Aasem Quazi. It was an incredibly insightful and empowering session that has completely transformed my approach to crafting a standout resume. The workshop covered everything from understanding ATS-friendly formats to leveraging powerful action verbs and incorporating impactful achievements. I learned invaluable tips and tricks to tailor my resume for specific job opportunities, ensuring that it effectively highlights my skills and experiences.
Shaikh Soheb
It was a very great experience to had this amazing session with you sir.I got aware about lots of things that i really didn't know in details before having the session such as how to beat ATS,utilize the linkedin in effective way,the power of power GPT.Thank you very much for this session and the time that you have dedicated for us to grabbed new opportunities and grow in career.
Anant S
I found this session very useful and very necessary for building my resume and profile on linked in. Before the session i though we just create profile on LinkedIn and leave it till we get call. Today got to know there are so many thing that will help us get better job offer and in less time. Thank you and looking forward for more sessions like this
Sajed Shaikh
I am deeply impressed by the immense power and profound utility of the session. I extend my sincere gratitude to you sir for the invaluable guidance. Through this enlightening experience . I have acquired an abundance of new knowledge particularly on how to utilize chat gpt and write.io your session has proven to be a remarkable opportunity for personal growth and I am truly grateful for the insights gained. Thank you immensely Aasem Quazi sir for your exceptional contribution.
Noman Ansari

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